ProMax Winter Fence

As November rolls around, one of the most frequently asked questions is about installing fences in the winter months. It’s actually a great time for many reasons!

Your yard and landscape are getting ready for its long winter’s nap.
Trees, grass, perennials are now entering the dormant stage. That means there’s much less of a chance of damage and provides easier access to most of the yard.

Less family gatherings or outdoor activities to schedule around.
Graduation, Memorial Day, the of July, birthdays are typically planned in the back yard. In the warmer months scheduling becomes a challenge and having your fence installed in the winter months can potentially avoid conflicts.

Include your fence in spring landscaping planning.
When a fence is newly installed, the ground can be bare around the fence line, especially the posts. Having your fence installed prior to spring allows the landscape to grow in naturally around the fence and be filled in for summer. Maybe you want to plant perennials and mulch around the fence line so you will have a mature look just in time for summer activities.

The wait is probably shorter.
Everyone wants a fence in the spring, that’s our busiest time, which means the schedule gets full quickly and lead times are longer. A fence in the winter months typically means less lead time.

Privacy and perimeter control when trees are bare.
If you rely on your landscape to provide privacy or to define your property, chances are you are not able to in the winter. A fence can help keep your privacy intact while permanently defining your property.

Your fence installation crew just might thank you.
Installing fence in 90-degree heat and direct sun is no picnic. Neither are annoying bugs, gnats especially.

The team at Pro Max works year-round. While there may be delays due to a large snowfall or wintry mix, the ground probably won’t be impacted for long, and we can get the job done.