We were selected by Contegra Construction based in St Louis, MO to fabricate and install a barrier gate system to enable controlled access to the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Hamburg, PA. This Amazon fulfillment center is currently under construction and in order to continue working each employee must pass an examination conducted by a medical professional before being cleared to enter the construction site. In order to do that an access control protocol will be put into place which includes a barrier gate system.


Our Access Control Manager, Timothy P. Kearns CAGOI, Pro Max Fence Systems worked collaboratively with Contegra Construction to develop a solution that we were able to offer as rental equipment for what we hope is a temporary need. Our team of Access Control Technicians will be installing two 15’ barrier gates with gate operators to control the accessibility to the job site. Regular maintenance is included with this rental to be sure the gates are operational at all times.

This system will enable the medical professional to assess each employee for a COVID19 health screening. If the employee is cleared the gates can be opened from the health care booth by remote controlled access allowing passage to the job site. 


The system consist of two 15’ Barrier Gates supported by LiftMaster Mega Arm Towers rated for performance in a high traffic situation. These will be set on concrete pads that will be able to be removed once the pandemic and daily health assessments are no longer required.