If a tree falls in your back yard and you don’t hear or see it, will your dog? YES!

It’s that time of year when Mother Nature and Old Man Winter team up to wreak havoc on our yards and fences…I feel like that’s in an insurance company’s pitch, but it’s not.

It is a good idea for you to look at your fence regularly, especially when there are weather threats such as high winds, rain and changing temperatures like we’ve recently experienced in central PA and surrounding areas. When these weather events occur, the ground reacts, trees fall, structures can weaken and that can result in an escape opportunity for your beloved family pet or child. This can result in lost pet or child, injury or worse.

Here are some recommendations to asses possible fence damage:

  1. Obvious to the eye and visible is a fence that may be down on the ground in addition to
    1. Bent or broken rails or pickets
    2. Damage to gates or gate hardware
    3. Bent, stretched or broken wire
  2. Visible but not so obvious immediately:
    1. Loose pickets
    2. Warped or cracked rails
    3. Loose wire
    4. Missing fittings
    5. Gaps in panels and under fence
  3. Not very visible and harder to detect:
    1. Loose posts
    2. Posts that are broken just under ground level
    3. Posts that are cracked, split or rotted
  4. Open gates:
    1. Older or compromised latch
    2. Hinges broken or out of alignment
    3. Drop rod (mostly on double gates) not seated properly

A DIY fence inspection is important in all seasons but especially when weather factors are in play. Walk around your yard to ensure you can see your whole fence line, looking from your door or the deck can result in blind spots. Give your posts a good rugged shake and see of they are loose. Open and close your gates to see if they are in working order.

The good news is fences can be repaired, and, in some cases, “parts” can be replaced. A repair when caught in time can be less expensive than replacement. Like any home improvement investment performing regular maintenance on your fence can help extend the life of your fence for years to come.

A secure fence will provide peace of mind.