Recently we collaborated with Spayd’s Outdoor Environments to create a truly unique outdoor space in an area less than .12 acres! This yard was completely transformed to include an inground swimming pool, hardscaped patio with outdoor living area and landscape design by Windsor Gardens.

When working collaboratively with local companies we are able to provide the homeowners with the best possible design that will be an extension of the space for a cohesive look and style.

For this project we were tasked with maximizing yard space while providing privacy and preserving the integrity of the 1920’s era architecture of this home. This particular vinyl privacy fence showcasing a classic “white picket fence” decorative fence topper works well and blends with the white trim, columns and cozy enclosed porch.

You can see at the rear of the property there is a two-car garage that presented a bit of a challenge to allow the fence to leave enough room for the home owners to have parking in front of the garage. We installed the fence at a soft angle along the driveway. The addition of the landscaping helps to soften the fence making it a lovely backdrop that defines the small driveway and parking area.

Gates were planned to welcome visitors from the sidewalk, the side yard and the parking area allowing a welcoming feel to this smaller yard.
This fence system is also compliant with BOCA swimming pool code for safety which includes the height of the fence, Magna Latch Top Pull child safety latches and self-closing hinges.

When your project involves more than one contractor, like in this case, the homeowner can benefit from those contractors working together to ensure a cohesive plan, a better timeline which in the long run can save time and money, and most of all the benefit of the “big picture” when completed.