Making your home the safest place for your children at play is paramount. There are many factors to consider but safety is job one. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is our home near a busy road or highway?

2. Near a body of water or creek?

3. Do you only want your children in the safest part of your yard?

4. What are possible danger zones in the yard or near the house?

5. Do you have a swimming pool?

Many of these reasons have to do with getting through, under or over a fence. We feel safety for children often falls under the same principles (and codes) that fence for a swimming pool does. BOCA, national and most local codes require a height of at least 54” in a suggested anti-climb material and configuration where a swimming pool is in use.

Locking latches and even better child safety latches are best. Keep in mind you not only want your children to not be able to leave the yard but you don’t want unwelcomed visitors coming in your yard either. We are happy to discuss the best choices for your situation.