A 4-legged addition to the family brings joy, fun and unconditional love. It is important to understand your breed and your dog’s personality and level of training. A fence is a must-have for dogs, after all a tired dog is a happy dog, and with a secure yard for him or her to play in you can enjoy a lifetime of rewarding happiness for everyone in the family.

Please consider a fenced area that is large enough for you, your children and your dog(s) to play and interact in together. Dogs need to run a good distance to burn energy for a healthy mind and body. Dogs can be mischievous if not given proper exercise and attention.

Some things to consider when selecting a fence for pets:

1. How large will your pet be when he or she reaches maturity? Determines picket style/spacing.

2. Does your pet dig? Think about ground clearance or an extra rail at the fence bottom.

3. Does your pet jump up at the fence or try to go over the fence? Consider heights over 4’ high.

4. Is your pet able to open door handles in the house? Use a locking gate latch.

5. Does your pet react to people or other pets when they are in range of your yard/house? Think privacy fence.

6. Does your pet wear a collar in the yard? Don’t choose anything with a spear top or something the collar could get caught on.

7. Does your neighbor have pets? Maybe you don’t want your pets nose to nose, maybe go 6” plus off the property line.

8. Is your pet large and or strong? Choose a strong material like chain link, vinyl or wood.

As you can see your answers can have great impact on the style of fence you may want to consider. We can help you decide and discuss options for not only a great looking fence but one that will satisfy even the savviest of pets.

As long as the fence meets your pet’s criteria you have lots to choose from. We can certainly help you make a good decision.