These two types of fence can range dramatically from highly decorative to simple utilitarian purposes. They can lend texture, interest and visually pleasing areas to your yard.
If vegetable gardening is your thing, you’ll have to think about why you want the fence. Do you want to define your little slice of organic heaven or are you’re tired of Bambi and Thumper cleaning you out just when it’s time to harvest? These are two very different needs with different solutions. While we can’t guarantee a fence will mean you’re growing this year’s prize-winning tomatoes but we can help ensure they will at least make it to your dining table.
If you’re working on your flower garden, do you plan to add to the beauty of your annuals or are you thinking a permanent back drop to the heartiest of perennials? While annuals are most often lighter and smaller in stature, they can provide beauty and color so you may want your fence to enhance that where perennials may need a fence to lean on, to become a foundation to allow its true growth potential. This may require something stronger, or a maintenance free solution that wouldn’t be easily affected by moisture, sun or weight of your prize peonies.
Adding an arbor is an amazing and unexpected element in the garden these days. They can match the style of your fence, incorporate a gate or stand-alone making a focal point. Arbors can be constructed from wood or vinyl to complement or offset your fence design and be the focal point of your yard.