Allowing our clients to easily manage and control the accessibility of any security level required. An integrated access system can be designed for your particular need.
Needs based access controlled by proximity, access/smart card, or access code depending on many variables we can assist in identifying with you.

Whether your project calls for a man gate, an automated gate, or a special security gate, Pro Max can help. Following is a list of the gate types that we sell and install:

  • Automated gates
  • Barrier gates
  • Bi-parting slide gates
  • Cable gates
  • Cantilever slide gates
  • Chain link gates
  • Double drive gates
  • Dumpster enclosure gates
  • Flood gates
  • Gates with headers
  • Gates with panic hardware
  • Indoor gates
  • Louver panel gates
  • Ornamental gates
  • Pipe rail gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Split rail gates
  • Vertical pivot gates
  • Vinyl gates
  • Wood gates

We also routinely provide specialty gates made to the exact specifications required by a project.