Congratulations on getting a pool! What a wonderful way to enjoy your family time. You’ll likely need to add a fence to your pool setting to make it compliant with local codes and you can choose from many materials and styles to enhance your space.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to be pool fence compliant, we can help. We are well versed in BOCA, national and local pool codes, and we got you covered! We can also help you plan the fence placement if needed. There are a few ways to achieve a great look for your pool’s setting.

While there are guidelines to follow placing the fence right next to the pool is not one of them, unless you want to. There’s also a pool code approved fence configuration available in almost all materials.

If you don’t have small children’s safety to consider you can most certainly fence an area larger than the immediate pool footprint. However, if you are concerned about children or pets’ safety there are many ways we can help achieve the best of both worlds.

Something to keep in mind, you should consider planning for your fence at about the same time you break ground for the pool. It will take some time to decide what you want and get on the schedule for installation. The fence is the icing on the cake Afterall…at least we think so.

Please remember no matter how strong and secure the fence is it is no substitute for adult supervision.