Customer Frequently Asked Question’s

Installation Areas

Fence Costs

A fence just like any other home improvement is an investment. While there are more budget friendly material choices such as chain link or split rail it is still something to be planned for. You can use our virtual estimator to get an idea of cost without obligation.

Permits and Zoning

Most likely you will need at least a building permit if not a zoning permit. Some rural areas of the county are exempt. We can help to secure your permit.

Property Lines/Boundaries

Property lines are best verified prior to a fence installation. It is the property owner’s responsibility to know where they are located. If you have a survey or plot plan we may be able to assist in identifying the lines.

In-Home/On-Site Estimates

It is important to us that you are making an investment in something that will suit your needs for years to come. We will review your list of must haves to recommend the best solution based on many factors such as the yard (field) conditions (level or sloping), your needs assessment (pool, children, privacy, etc.) and overall placement of the fencing. During the appointment we will ask that you accompany us in the area to be fenced so we are able to understand your vision. On average you can expect this appointment to last 30 minutes.

The Affects of Installation on your Landscape

A fence installation is like any other construction project meaning there will be a period of excavation/installation and that means machinery/materials in the yard. While we make every effort to make the impact minimal you can expect the yard to be compromised during the work. Each post area will have a layer of dirt that you may choose to plant new grass around. You will have the option for us to remove the excavated dirt from the job site for a fee. Otherwise we will gladly move the dirt to one defined area, at no additional charge, to be used or disposed of by the home owner. If you have plantings near or in the fence line they will have to be removed and/or trimmed back to allow for proper installation. If there are trees, shrubbery, flower beds, etc. where you want the fence to go it will likely need to be cleared prior to the installation.

Fence Height

Most residentially zoned areas limit the fence height to 6′. Additionally, you may be subject to set backs or height restrictions if you are on a corner or a busy street or you be may limited by a Home Owners Association. While we can assist with the permitting, please contact your HOA if applicable.

Public Utility Identification and Private Lines

Pro Max Fence Systems will coordinate the PA One Call to locate public utilities, however It is the homeowner’s responsibility to flag and identify privately installed lines or systems. This includes gas, electric or propane to a grill, pool, garage, hot tub, landscape lighting, sprinkler or irrigation lines, electric or invisible pet/livestock fencing. Further, if you have a geothermal system or septic system bed/lines these will also need to be identified by the homeowner.

Timeline for Installation

While there are many variables (style of fence, weather, jobs in progress) based on a standard 200 LF residential install you can expect a few days on the job site under the best of circumstances.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, check or VISA, MC or Discover as payment methods.

Choosing the Best Fence Material

Homeowners generally have a material choice in mind based on need or the look of the home. When we meet with you for the estimate, we can help you choose the best material suited for you.

Installation Information

Depending on the fence materials chosen you can expect most styles posts to be set in concrete up to 36″ depending on terrain and what is beneath the surface. In Berks County there are a lot of rock formations, shale etc. which can impact installation. Oftentimes this is not apparent until the time of excavation. Please see the digging/rock clause in your written estimate. We try to keep the fence off the ground about 2- 3” in ideal circumstances. The slightest change in grade or a sloping yard will affect this. If you prefer a more even look to the top of the fence the bottom may be considerably off the ground in sloped areas. Ground slope and grade changes are critical to the placement of gates. We will help you determine the best location in the yard.

Changing the Scope of my Project

If you need to make a change to your project please advise immediately so we have the time to make the adjustments. If your change impacts labor or materials we will present you with an additional work authorization or change order for your review and approval prior to the work being done. Making changes may impact your project timeline as well as budget, it is best to review all options at proposal review/acceptance time.


Labor warranty – Pro Max Fence Systems installations are fully backed with a full one-year labor warranty regardless of material chosen. Material warranty – most vinyl or aluminum materials carry a warranty when registered by the homeowner through the manufacturer.

Insurance, Liability, Certifications, and Memberships

We are fully insured, bonded and hold a PA Contractor’s license for your protection. We maintain a high level of insurance including $1,000,000 in general liability coverage, $500,000 per accident workers compensation coverage, and $5,000,000 in umbrella coverage. We insist that all of our subcontractors meet our insurance standards. If you would like a copy of our insurance certificate, just call our office. We have an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau and are active members of the Associated Builders & Contractors of PA, Home Builders Association, Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and the American Fence Association. Additionally, we have certified fence professionals on staff. In order to become a Certified Fence Professional, our specialists have successfully completed the American Fence Association’s rigorous CFP program, passed the AFA’s intense exam, and met the AFA’s stringent set of requirements to maintain that certification.

Additional Charges or Fees

Your written estimate is in detail outlining the proposed work. Should the scope of work change, you will be presented with a change order outlining the work needed or changes made to complete the project for your review. Our estimates also include a rock clause as our area is prone to rock in the ground. When encountered and we are unable to use standard excavation methods with a power auger we must dig by hand to break the rock or use a jack hammer resulting in extended excavation time. Please see the rock clause in your estimate for more information.

Existing Fence Removal

We will include tear out, removal and responsible recycling of your current fence as applicable.

Fence Repairs

We will make every effort to assist with a damaged fence. Please note there can be limitations due to factors such as the extent of damage, material availability etc. We will schedule an on site estimate with you to review the damages in order to present you with an estimate for review prior to making repairs.

Customer Supplied Materials

Pro Max Fence Systems installs only materials we provide for a number of reasons including the quality and integrity of the materials. Only then can the homeowner be protected by our labor warranty and manufacturer warranties as applicable.