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If you’re reading this you have already entertained investing in your home’s exterior and you’re probably wondering several things including where to begin. We think the best place to begin is to think about why you want or need the fence, then your material and design questions may become clearer.

The two most popular reasons to consider a fence are an addition to the family with regard to children or pets and of course, privacy. Today’s privacy does not necessarily equate to a solid wall or “closed in” feeling. With many new designs and features your fence can provide privacy while still being inviting and welcoming.

Other reasons could be a new swimming pool, boundary definition, garden, landscape enhancement or simply a decorative touch to your yard. Regardless, a fence when properly chosen and installed can add curb appeal and could also increase your property value. Especially in today’s closer populated communities and subdivisions.

You can quickly and easily explore ideas and examples of fence by need by taking a look at our gallery for inspiration. You can get a budget estimate now by using our Residential Smart Estimator with no obligation.