Offering commercial and industrial temporary fencing designed to protect your project. Security is of the utmost importance during all phases of the project. Pro Max Fence Systems offers a variety of temporary fencing needs, the most common of which is the 6’ high x 12’wide chain link panel mounted on a base and secured with clamps with the option of adding a sand bag for stability. This is the most temporary form of safety/construction fence that can be easily moved and remobilized as your project changes with stage of construction. We also offer pounded/driven temporary fencing for extended use, when more security is needed or for larger areas.

More recently with COVID pandemic, we assisted in customizing temporary access controlled entrances as well. These access systems can be designed for screening areas to allow controlled access to constructions sites, buildings and special areas alike.

Accessories are available as well; temporary gates, wind screen and even barbed wire are options for temporary fencing.

Getting information and an estimate for your project is easy. Contact our estimating team at and include your name, company, desired installation date, rental terms in months/years, phone number, email address, footage desired, gates / access control, if your project is prevailing wage, attach images or drawings as applicable.

Temporary Construction Fence Rental