Timeline for Installation

While there are many variables (style of fence, weather, jobs in progress) based on a standard 200 LF residential install you can expect a few days on the job site under the best of circumstances.

Public Utility Identification and Private Lines

Pro Max Fence Systems will coordinate the PA One Call to locate public utilities, however It is the homeowner’s responsibility to flag and identify privately installed lines or systems. This includes gas, electric or propane to a grill, pool, garage, hot tub, landscape lighting, sprinkler or irrigation lines, electric or invisible pet/livestock fencing. Further, if

Fence Height

Most residentially zoned areas limit the fence height to 6′. Additionally, you may be subject to set backs or height restrictions if you are on a corner or a busy street or you be may limited by a Home Owners Association. While we can assist with the permitting, please contact your HOA if applicable.

The Affects of Installation on your Landscape

A fence installation is like any other construction project meaning there will be a period of excavation/installation and that means machinery/materials in the yard. While we make every effort to make the impact minimal you can expect the yard to be compromised during the work. Each post area will have a layer of dirt that

In-Home/On-Site Estimates

It is important to us that you are making an investment in something that will suit your needs for years to come. We will review your list of must haves to recommend the best solution based on many factors such as the yard (field) conditions (level or sloping), your needs assessment (pool, children, privacy, etc.)

Property Lines/Boundaries

Property lines are best verified prior to a fence installation. It is the property owner’s responsibility to know where they are located. If you have a survey or plot plan we may be able to assist in identifying the lines.

Permits and Zoning

Most likely you will need at least a building permit if not a zoning permit. Some rural areas of the county are exempt. We can help to secure your permit.

Fence Costs

A fence just like any other home improvement is an investment. While there are more budget friendly material choices such as chain link or split rail it is still something to be planned for. You can use our virtual estimator to get an idea of cost without obligation.

Installation Areas

Currently we serve the residential market in greater Berks County, PA area, State College, and the commercial market in PA, NJ, DE, MD, and Eastern NY.