Pro Max Fence Systems, LLC has partnered with Amazon to equip your multi-unit property with “Key for Business" technology at no cost to you.

Today more than ever there is an increased need for home delivery with an emphasis on personal safety and social distancing. Amazon wants to help keep your residents safe and protected while getting more packages in-hands on time.

Streamline Amazon Deliveries

Gives Amazon drivers the ability to access buildings to deliv­er packages without assistance from staff by utilizing the Key for Business smart fob and proprietary Amazon delivery app. 

Increase Building Safety & Security

Key for Business only grants access after validating driver’s ID, route, location and time of day. This is then reported to the time logs in your existing access controlled system.

Reduces Failed Delivery Attempts

Step-by-step delivery instructions, including pictures, ensure the drivers deliver packages to the proper location (set by you) to increase delivery accuracy by 80%.

Helps you save time and money

Key for Business eliminates the need to maintain staffing during Amazon’s delivery window by reducing time spent by staff managing package deliveries.

Installation is seamless and of no cost to you

The Key for Business smart fob is integrated by Pro Max Fence Systems, LLC with your existing access systems. The fob, installation and maintenance are free of charge and take about an hour or less to set up and install.